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FAME The Musical | Matrix Global Schools

We have watched an exciting & an unforgettable performance by Matrix Global Schools production’s FAME The Musical.

The pop culture phenomenon FAME stage musical once again continues to reach new generations of performers and audience
members. This classic stage musical show a diverse talent pool and showcase artistic mediums like dancing, singing, acting and musicianship.

Thank you to Matrix Global Schools management for hiring Ezaniphoto for their official photographer and videographer for this memorable show.

FAME The Musical

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Konsert Caklempong Travaganza

Liputan Konsert Caklempong Travaganza yang di adakan di Dewan Auditorium Kompleks JKKN Seremban, Negeri Sembilan pada 4hb Mei 2014 yang lepas. Di antara artis yang terlibat di dalam konsert yang gilang-gemilang ini adalah Dato’ Hattan & W.A.R.I.S