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Vihana Turn 1

Outdoor photoshoot for baby Vihana turning 1 year old on 23rd December 2021 at Suriaman Bandar Sri Sendayan.

Thank you Mdm. Rhisma for hiring Ezaniphoto again  to take her daughter 1 year old & her family portraiture.  Wishing baby Vihana a healthy & happy life with her mommy & daddy.

Lovely props set prepared by https://www.instagram.com/shaja_teepee_picnic/

Nattasha 1st Birthday Trip to A Famosa Resort

Nattasha Jiovanni 1st birthday trip to A’Famosa Resort with her family. Thank to Mrs. Rinabelle & husband for hiring Ezaniphoto as their family trip photographer. We have an exciting moment, taking memorable picture of Nattasha & the rest of the family members. Any inquiries about family trip photography please contact us at 011-128 24511 or email us.