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Beaconhouse Seri Inai : Junior Sports Day 2015

Coverage during Beaconhouse Seri Inai International School : Junior Sports Day 2015 at Sport Centre of University Malaya on 5th September 2015. Exciting indoor sport activities were held during this day.  All students tried their very best and performed well in all of the events. There are certainly some budding olympians amongst the kindergarten kids as they ran, jumped , climbed and balanced their way through the events. There was also a fantastic display of sportsmanship by both the Dads and the Mums in the parents’ race. The day wasn’t complete without the winning team being announced and the medals given out. Well done to the winning group (Green House)  who clinched the victory!  Thanks to school management because hiring us Ezaniphoto as official photographer for this memorable sports day!


Shahfeeza Family : Studio Portraiture

Sesi studio portraiture untuk keluarga Cik Shahfeeza Selong di kediaman famili beliau di Taman Bandar Senawang pada 22 Ogos 2015. Terima kasih kerana memilih khidmat “on-location” studio Ezaniphoto.

Lt. Faizul + Dr. Liyana : Outdoor portraiture

Sesi outdoor portraiture bagi Leftenan Faizul dan Dr Liyana di Taman Malaysia, Seremban pada 3 Mei 2015. Terima kasih kerana memilih Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar rasmi (official photographer) untuk majlis perkahwinan & sesi outdoor mereka. Semoga jodoh kekal hingga ke Jannah.

Zul + Gee : Majlis nikah dan resepsi (Bangi Golf Resort)

Liputan Majlis pernikahan dan resepsi pasangan Zul dan Gee pada 19 Januari 2014. Majlis yang berlangsung di Bangi Golf Resort dirancang dengan sempurna dan meriah oleh pihak keluarga pengantin perempuan. Terima kasih kerana memilih Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar perkahwinan ( wedding photographer). Semoga jodoh kekal hingga ke Jannah, Amin.

Syed Muhsin family photo

Sesi studio fotografi yang meriah oleh famili Syed Muhsin di Emerald Park, Seremban 2 pada 5 Disember 2014. Terima kasih kerana menempah khidmat photographer professional kami.


Nicom Steel : Annual Dinner (Head Wear Nite 2014)

Majlis makan malam tahunan (Annual Dinner) Nicom Steel (M) Sdn Bhd di Hotel Marriott Putrajaya, pada 19 September 2014. Terima kasih kepada AJK Nicom kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar rasmi (official photographer) profesional untuk majlis tersebut. Majlis yang dianjurkan secara tahunan ini berlangsung secara meriahnya dengan pelbagai aktiviti & hiburan yang telah disediakan oleh Peakstance (Event management).