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There No Place Like Home | Sri Inai Beaconhouse International School

Exciting stage adaptation of the all-time classic “The Wizard of Oz” .  Sri Inai Beaconhouse International School pulled out all the stops for this show: there are elaborate—and gorgeous—costumes, a band, and the cast is huge. With digital background effects, some of which elicited applause from the audience during the show. The choreography, the staging and the visuals were all pitch perfect. Credit to Mr. Qassem as the director of this brilliant show. Thank you for hiring Ezaniphoto as the official event photographer.

Qeyra 4th Birthday Party

Majlis harijadi Qeyra ke-4 yang diadakan di kediaman Taman Lavender Heights, Senawang pada 21hb Januari 2012. Semoga ceria bersama keluarga tersayang.