Tadika Progresif Premier graduation & group photo

Liputan gambar studio graduasi & dan outdoor pelajar Tadika Progresif Premier (Tadika Dr Z) di Damansara Perdana pada 29 November 2016. Terima kasih kepada pihak pengurusan Tadika Dr Z kerana memilih khidmat Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar group dan graduasi tadika mereka (kindergarten graduation photo)

There No Place Like Home | Sri Inai Beaconhouse International School

Exciting stage adaptation of the all-time classic “The Wizard of Oz” .  Sri Inai Beaconhouse International School pulled out all the stops for this show: there are elaborate—and gorgeous—costumes, a band, and the cast is huge. With digital background effects, some of which elicited applause from the audience during the show. The choreography, the staging…