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Gaurav’s 1st Birthday Party

Photography coverage during  Gaurav’s 1st Birthday party at d’Tempat Country Club Bandar Sri Sendayan NSDK on 19th January 2020. Thank to Mr. Sureindran and wife for hiring Ezaniphoto to capture the moment their son 1st birthday party. We wishing the sweet birthday boy Gaurav to grew healthy, good & prosperous life.

Ravenraj’s 21st Birthday Party

We are so fortunate to be the photographer for Ravenraj’s 21st birthday party on 24th December 2018 at A Famosa Golf Resort, Alor Gajah Melaka. This is one of the most elegant and cool birthday parties we have done. The details and the venue were amazing. Thank you to Ravenraj & his families for hiring Ezaniphoto as their official birthday photographer.

Our event photographers get in close with the moment to ensure that all expressions & moments are preserved for you to look back on. When it comes to photography hire, our birthday photographers are the best in the scene with countless parties under their belt they have practiced the art of photography – making them the obvious choice for your event, no matter the what!

Zara Sofea 5th birthday party

Princess Zara Sofea 5th birthday party held at A&W Restaurant at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan on 19th July 2018.

We have an exciting and wonderful moment in Zara’s princess theme birthday party.  A hilarious party clown providing heaps of silliness and fun for kids and the party also had special appearance of the the famous A&W Root Bear for Princess Zara cake cutting moment. Thank you to Zara Sofea’s parent for hiring Ezaniphoto for their daughter party! We wish Princess Zara will remember this day forever in her life and blessed with happy and prosperous life and may all your dreams come true. Happy Bday to you!


Aaron Khalish Mikael 2nd Birthday Party

2nd Birthday party for Aaron Khalish Mikael at Corel Paradise Resort at Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan on 13 February 2018 . We have wonderful moment taking Mrs Sia family photo at beach during Aaron party that afternoon. Thank you Mrs Sia & husband for hiring Ezaniphoto as their son birthday party photographer.

Divinaa’s 1st Birthday Part

Divinaa’s 1st birthday party at Royal Sungai Ujong Club at Seremban Negeri Sembilan on  18th March 2018. Such a wonderful party with all families and friends gather at this venue to celebrate this sweet and beautiful  1 year old birthday girl.

Thank you Mrs Hema & husband for hiring Ezaniphoto as birthday photographer for their daughter party.

Khalish 3rd Birthday Party

Khalish’s 3rd Birthday party at Gombak on 3rd December 2017. The Sesame Street decorated  theme by Khalish’s parent created an exciting moment to all families and their guests during the party.

The party are packed with activities & games (photo session is included). Everyone have a wonderful time during this memorable day. The most excited people during this are Khalish himself when all families and guests singing him a birthday song when he cut the Sesame Street cake.

Thank you to Pn. Norwati and her husband for hiring Ezaniphoto (again this year) as their son birthday party photographer. We wish Khalish have a good health and wonderful time years toward.

Qyra’s 9th Birthday Party

Liputan Majlis Harijadi (birthday party) untuk adik Qyra yang ke 9 pada 11 Februari 2017 di Lavender Heights, Senawang. Parti harijadi anak gadis ini menjadi meriah dengan kehadiran Abang Magic (magician) dan Badut (clown). Pelbagai aktiviti yang diadakan semasa majlis berlangsung, di antaranya permainan magis, permainan belon dan permainan Pinata. Terima kasih kepada Pn. Lily dan seluruh keluarga beliau kerana sekali lagi memilih khidmat Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar majlis harijadi (birthday party photographer) anak sulungnya itu.

Rayyan & Raqqib | Awesome beach birthday party!

Awesome beach birthday party for Rayyan and Raqqib  Mikael at Avillion Port Dickson ! Thank you Mrs. Siti Azlina & husband for hiring Ezaniphoto for their sons birthday party. Party was entertained by Awang The Clown from Badut Malaysia


Devnesh 1st birthday party

Devnesh 1st birthday party on 30th January 2016 at Rasah Kemayan, Seremban 2. Thank you Mr. Thivakaren & Mrs. Sharmila for hiring us as their son’s birthday party photographer. The awesome Transformer cake  and  decorations theme was done by Petit Chef.



Luqman Hakim’s 6th birthday party

Liputan majlis harijadi Luqman Hakim bin Ibrahim yang ke 6 yang diadakan di Genius Aulad Kids, Seremban 2 pada 5 Febuari 2016. Terima kasih kepada Pn. Siti Nurjannah & suami kerana memilih khidmat Ezaniphoto sebagai jurugambar majlis harijadi (birthday party photographer) anak sulung beliau. Majlis diserikan oleh badut Mr Papa DeClown. Para guru dan rakan-rakan Luqman dijamu dengan hidangan dan cenderahati yang menarik dari Marrybrown Semoga adik Luqman akan menjadi anak yang soleh dan taat kepada ibubapa.