Q-dees Kota Seriemas Sports Day 2023


Q-dees Kota Seriemas Sports Day 2023 at Bandar Enstek was an absolute blast! Amidst the cheers and laughter, young students, their dedicated teachers, and proud parents came together for an unforgettable event on 17th June 2023.

The little athletes showcased their boundless energy and talent, racing in thrilling relay matches and conquering mini-obstacle courses. The teacher-student-parent teams displayed amazing teamwork, making every event a true spectacle. Excitement filled the air as parents cheered on their tiny champions, and teachers beamed with pride. The day not only fostered a spirit of camaraderie but also left everlasting memories in the hearts of everyone involved!

Million thanks to Q-dees Kota Seriemas management for hiring Ezaniphoto for their annual event!

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