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Q-dees Sikamat & Senawang 2021 annual photo

Annual photography for Q-dees Sikamat and Senawang branch for year 2021. As an independent pre-school and nursery photography company, we aim to deliver fantastic photos for our customers whilst offering them the biggest choice of images and products at affordable prices.

Our photographers will be on hand to capture all the action, great portraits, and we can even print on site at many events eg. sports day, graduation day etc. For inquiries please contact us at : https://wapp.my/01112824511/Package+&+service+studio+pre-school+photography


Fun Factory Class & Graduation 2020

Fun Factory Kindergarten annual class and graduation photo at Petaling Jaya on September 2020. Eventhough Covid-19 pandemic happen during the photoshoot time, we still taking the students photo with standard of procedure (SOP) during the session – social distances etc.

Thank you Fun Factory management & teachers we  are very appreciative of your assistance and am looking forward to continuing to work together.

For any inquiries kindergarten / pre-school photography please contact Ezaniphoto at : https://wapp.my/011128245114/Kindergarten+studio+Ezaniphoto