UCSI International School KL : A Whole New World – A story of love and friendship

UCSI International School KL : A Whole New World – A story of love and friendship.

The stage is set and the curtains are about to rise. The crowd waits in anticipation as the school musical show commences. This year, the production features the classic tale of Aladdin. A story that is known and loved by young and old audiences alike. The halls of the school are buzzing with excitement as rehearsals and preparations reach their peak. This is a show that the performers and the audiences will remember for a long time to come.

In the weeks leading up to the show, students from all grades have been hard at work. The leads, chorus singers, dancers, set designers, and tech crew have been practicing, rehearsing, and perfecting their roles. The school musical is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their talents and creativity. It’s an event that promotes teamwork, discipline, and dedication.

As the audience files into the auditorium, they are greeted with a dazzling set adorned with colorful silks, an ornate palace, and a bustling Arabian market. The main character, Aladdin, is introduced, and the plot unfolds. The show features intricate choreography and beautiful vocals that transport the audience to a mystical land far, far away.

The lead performers are perfectly cast and masterfully deliver their lines. The villain, Jafar, is as sinister as ever. Sultan and Jasmine, Aladdin’s love interest, bring humor and warmth to the show. The genie, played by one of the show’s standout performers, is energetic and captivating, and brings the audience alive with exciting renditions of “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali”.

Additionally, the chorus provides much of the energy and excitement in the production. The soundtrack is catchy and fun for all to sing along with. The show’s overall ensemble adds depth to the performance, and the supporting cast does an excellent job portraying the far-reaching themes of greed, love, and redemption at play throughout the play.

While many teachers, directors, and volunteers contributed to the show’s success, credit is due to the students who put in countless hours of practice. From the cast to the crew, the students brought their talent and unwavering enthusiasm to the stage.

Overall, the school musical was an entertaining production that showcased the students’ skills and creativity. The performance was enjoyable for all who watched. The community came together to celebrate the arts and the hard work of the students. The show was undoubtedly one for the books, and one that will be remembered for years to come. This year’s school musical show was indeed a triumphant and magical show, as Aladdin remains timeless, classic and loved by all.

Million thanks to USCI International School KL especially Mr. Qasim (Artistic Director) Hira Abdullah Khatri for hiring Ezaniphoto as their photographer for this musical show.


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